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Piracy and illegal file sharing is a curse for any developer and software company. As soon as the new version of a popular piece of software hits the streets, it is pretty much being pirated before you can say “o-arrr!”. Same with games, music and movies. For every person who buys something legally, there’s probably 10 who are taking the risk of stealing it.

Our infographic this week is on this very subject and comes courtesy of Starmedia. It goes all the way back to the swinging 60’s when the first software patent was granted and to 1975 when the first software piracy cases occurred. Even before the Internet was around, piracy was a huge problem but with the introduction of the net, the problem just exploded.

Finally, the infographic looks at some illegal download stats. Did you know the most pirated piece of software is Photoshop, and that Adobe loses potential revenue of more than $18.5 million a day due to piracy?

Let us know in the comments what you think of the infographic. Does piracy have any hidden advantages for companies or is it just plain stealing no matter which way you look at it?

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