How Are Smartphones Being Used? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile phones have come a long way over the years. From heavy bricks with huge aerials, mobile phones (sorry, cellphones for our US readers!) are now small, light, sleek and carries an operating system that enables you to install apps and access the Internet. Named smartphones, the two main contenders in this space are the iPhone and Android, both of whom continually introduce new features in order to stay one step ahead of the other.

But how are smartphones really used? What are the most used features? Our infographic this week comes from Tatango which shows that text messaging is the number one use of a smartphone followed by taking photos and then Internet browsing. But what I want to know is where is actual telephone calling on this list? Is it too radical these days to think of a phone as a tool to make phone calls?

Tell us in the comments what your top three uses of your smartphone are.  Does the list below look accurate to you?

   How Are Smartphones Being Used? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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And what about Phoning??



Ken Haught

Reading books, web browsing, checking email. Looks fairly accurate to me.


I use mine to talk to people.¬† I do this by vocalizing into the mouthpiece which they can then hear on their end through the earpiece.¬† It… is…¬† AWESOME.


This survey is useless unless it includes TALKING ON THE PHONE along with all the other uses. Would love to be able to use this data but it is obviously flawed in this iteration.

Emily Odza

Are we sure the poll question wasn’t, “What do you use your SmartPhone for that you couldn’t do on your old cell phone?” ¬† !!! ¬†It seems as if people take for granted that all phones call so they omitted that.

John Everett

What about listening to podcasts? I have a boring job, it’s the #1 thing I use my cell for, followed closely by checking email and playing Scrabble.


Interesting survey when all the numbers exceed 100 percent,
or is it just my math?


everybody could name 3 things, so they could overlap, i guess


Definitely a strange percentage breakdown. We obviously haven’t been told what the methodology was. It looks like they asked a bunch of people to mark ALL the things they use the phone for. Then arranged it as it appears, which means they aren’t ACTUALLY telling us much.¬†
Anyway, my top three would be texting, phone, internet, in that order.


An awfully lot of people look like they need to get out of the virtual world into the real one a little more often.


I was thrilled to to finally get a device that had a phone, pretty good camera, email, and music player all in one.  No need to carry all of them separately anymore!


first thing: downloading apps?? what kind of usage is that??? trying apps – ok, but just downloading them? I don’t get it…
second: I DO NOT CALL from my phone. I never did. Well sometimes but just a little:) I allways had my phone to ensure my parents they can reach me if they want or need to. So when I was going to buy a smartphone I had 3 conditions: wifi (i.e. internet), pdf reader and spreadsheet. Because I felt staring from bus window was a kind of wasting my time. Maybe I’m just a nerd but i wanna be scientist in the future and my phone is one of my research tools. Because it’s smart, you know:)


thanks for the input


What a revolutionary idea! ;)


I’m on the phone right now telling somebody that I’m typing this… while I’m typing to you that I’m telling someone on the phone.¬† Technology BLOWS MY MIND.