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Smartphone - Smarter Healthcare? [INFOGRAPHIC] doogiehowser Whoever said that a smartphone is the extension of someone’s hand was spot-on.  For it seems that everytime someone gets an ache or a pain, the first thing they do is consult their phone or tablet, not their doctor. Take that Doogie Howser. Move over Doctor House.  Doctor iPhone is in the room and is taking charge.

And I have to admit to doing it myself on occasion, using sites like WebMD or even just Google. Symptoms you would never have the guts to tell your doctor about, you have no problem instead typing it all into a search engine where it is all collated and archived.  We’ve become a strange lot.  But what is strange is that, even though medical apps are becoming more and more popular, Google chose to shut down their Google Health service. Couldn’t they have found a way to build it into their Android phones so people could look up their medical records online?

Our infographic today is on the subject of smartphones and medical management apps.  Let us know what you think of the infographic and whether you use a medical app on your phone. Would you have any problems typing embarrassing symptoms into Google?  Do you think true health privacy exists online?

Smartphone - Smarter Healthcare? [INFOGRAPHIC] mHealth11

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