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Smart Phones, Devoted Users [INFOGRAPHIC] girlhugscellphone With the recent announcement of the upcoming iPhone 5, I thought today would be a good day to profile another smartphone-related infographic. We all know that people love their smartphones, so much so, that they refuse to be parted with them, even at night while sleeping (how many of you use your phone as an alarm clock? 6 Best Free iPhone and iPad Alarm Clock Apps 6 Best Free iPhone and iPad Alarm Clock Apps Read More ). But according to this infographic, iPhone users would rather give up sex, bathing, and coffee, before handing over their precious device. Now THAT’S hardcore fanboy-ism right there.

And did you know the first cellphone cost almost $4,000? That’s something to think about the next time you are complaining to yourself about the high prices of phones these days. What we are paying today is nothing compared to what people paid 30 years ago.And the $4,000 phone was just a brick of a device – nothing smart about it, except its ability to make phone calls. Forget playing games or checking social networks.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the infographic. Can you live without your mobile phone? If someone asked you to give up your phone, would you? If not, what would you be prepared to sacrifice in your life instead?

Smart Phones, Devoted Users [INFOGRAPHIC] smartphones devoted users L 7QyArg

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Image Source: Beautiful Girl Hugs Cellphone via Shutterstock

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