Siri, Why Don’t You Understand Me? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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One of the best things about an iPhone 4S is the Siri speech recognition app, but as I have increasingly noticed, it doesn’t seem to like me and my Scottish accent (cue lots of moments where I want to search on Google for big boobies and it phones my wife at work instead). Nevertheless, Siri is starting to grow on me, and on Bakari too, who previously showed us some cool location-aware Siri tips. It’s great to be able to just launch Siri and ask it to write your text message, write a reminder, search the Internet, or start a phone call – no fingers on a small keyboard required.

Our infographic today shows us some of the common uses of Siri and finds that one-third of Siri users don’t use it for anything more than making phone calls, searching the Internet and sending text messages.  Which is a shame because, as Bakari’s article shows, you can use it for many more things that potentially could make your life so much easier. For example, I tell Siri my shopping list and it adds it all to a reminder note. I ask it for a weather forecast every morning, I ask it to do advanced math calculations and conversions. Then there’s always sending emails or telling it to play a song in my music folder.The possibilities are just endless.

Do you have an iPhone 4S?  If so, what do you use Siri for? Does it understand you and your accent, or are there any embarrassing faux-pas that you want to tell us about? If you don’t use Siri at all, tell us why.

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