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Sexting & The College Student [INFOGRAPHIC] sexting MakeUseOf has previously published several infographics on texting, such as when texting celebrated its 19th birthday Happy 19th Birthday Text Messaging [INFOGRAPHIC] Happy 19th Birthday Text Messaging [INFOGRAPHIC] It’s hard to believe but it has been just over 19 years since the first text message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone, and 18 years since the first phones were produced... Read More , when we showed teens and their texting habits, and how SMS messaging is changing the world How SMS Messaging Is Changing The World [INFOGRAPHIC] How SMS Messaging Is Changing The World [INFOGRAPHIC] It's become the most common form of communication on the planet and the number one occupation of teenagers everywhere. That's right, I'm talking about text messaging (SMS) which, quite often, is the best way to... Read More . But one texting-related subject that I haven’t approached yet (mainly because I didn’t want my boss to fire me for turning MakeUseOf into Hustler magazine) is “sexting”.

For those of you who don’t know what this is (but it’s pretty obvious from the word itself), it’s when you send a text message to someone with either sexually explicit text, a sexually explicit picture, or both. And it seems like this practice is on the rise (although all the ones to me must be getting caught up in a spam filter somewhere because I don’t seem to be getting any of them…).

According to today’s infographic (courtesy of, two-thirds of US students have sent sexually suggestive messages via their mobile phone. Those smartphone cameras have a lot to answer for! Just because you can take a photo…..

So…time to confess….have you ever sexted someone? Or has someone ever sexted you? Was it wanted or unwanted? Do you agree that this is a rapidly growing problem which has the potential to cause real problems, or do you look upon it as a bit of harmless fun?  Reveal all in the comments!

Sexting and the College Student

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