Sexting & The College Student [INFOGRAPHIC]

sexting   Sexting & The College Student [INFOGRAPHIC] MakeUseOf has previously published several infographics on texting, such as when texting celebrated its 19th birthday, when we showed teens and their texting habits, and how SMS messaging is changing the world. But one texting-related subject that I haven’t approached yet (mainly because I didn’t want my boss to fire me for turning MakeUseOf into Hustler magazine) is “sexting”.

For those of you who don’t know what this is (but it’s pretty obvious from the word itself), it’s when you send a text message to someone with either sexually explicit text, a sexually explicit picture, or both. And it seems like this practice is on the rise (although all the ones to me must be getting caught up in a spam filter somewhere because I don’t seem to be getting any of them…).

According to today’s infographic (courtesy of, two-thirds of US students have sent sexually suggestive messages via their mobile phone. Those smartphone cameras have a lot to answer for! Just because you can take a photo…..

So…time to confess….have you ever sexted someone? Or has someone ever sexted you? Was it wanted or unwanted? Do you agree that this is a rapidly growing problem which has the potential to cause real problems, or do you look upon it as a bit of harmless fun?  Reveal all in the comments!

Sexting College Student 800   Sexting & The College Student [INFOGRAPHIC]

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I’m embarrassed to say this but my wife (a devout Catholic no less) sends me graphic sext messages while I’m at work. Talk about a productivity killer!

Mark O’Neill

Curiously enough, I’ve often found that Catholic women (or women of any religion really) are the ones who would be up for trying this, more than non-religious women.

Maybe it’s their small act of rebellion for being raised in a strictly religious environment all their life, where something like sexting would be considered “forbidden” and “sinful”?


Agree with the rebellion. We humans do what is forbid and wouldn’t want to do what is told so. :)

Andrew Gould

No. But I did once tweet a picture of my shorts to an anonymous throwaway account in support of Congressman Anthony Weiner…

Mark O’Neill

And I bet he appreciated the support!!! :-)


Our favorite part of this infographic are the stats on sexting with couples in relationships. As Dan mentions – good people can choose sexting as a way to keep a little spark in their relationship. There is a stigma around it that feels outdated.
When we made Quimby Messenger, couples who send intimate messages and photos were a real target for us – giving people privacy for private moments.

Mark O’Neill

Thanks. I’ll take a look at Quimby (not that I will need it much for many “private moments”!)

Joel Lee

I’ve sent one or two sexts in my time. It wasn’t as exciting as I’d thought it would be. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

Mark O’Neill

yeah me too. It was all a bit anti-climatic for me (no pun intended).


Regarding: “Do you agree that this is a rapidly growing problem…”

This is based off of a survey of 204 college students

Mark O’Neill

the infographic yes. But if you look at mainstream media reports (the BBC and CNN have reported on sexting for example), they have said also that sexting is becoming a growing problem. Men are becoming registered sex offenders because they sent a sext to their girlfriend who happens to be one year or less under the age of consent.

Jon Smith

I find sexting quite unnecessary I mean its a phone for goodness sakes!

Mark O’Neill

Between two consenting adults, I don’t see the problem. It’s a private communication. But unwanted sexts from a person displaying stalker-like behaviour? That’s where the issues start.

Laga Mahesa

Pffft. ‘Sexting’ has been around for millenia. The only things different now are the speed of delivery, higher quality artwork, and horrific spelling.

Mark O’Neill

Hmmm…true. But somehow I don’t think a pencil sketching of your private parts has quite the same effect as a full colour blown-up photograph!! LOL! :-)

Laga Mahesa

Have you SEEN some of those woodcuts?! You’re right… now. Back then, though, the effect was as it is now. A major to-do if anyone found out, and an even bigger to-do when word first spread that they even existed.


The only disturbing thing about this story really is that 93 percent of college students sext or text while driving. How stupid are our college students?

Mark O’Neill

They obviously don’t get taught common sense at college :-)

Imya Last

Texting while driving is real problem.