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Ah, the trusty PIN number, the 4 digits that separates you from your money. We use our bank PIN number in a wide variety of situations, whether it’s taking money out of the ATM machine or paying with our card in a shop. But you would be amazed (or perhaps not) at the stupidity of some people when it comes to the 4 digits they need to keep secret the most. For it seems that a lot of people seem to have this irresistible urge to tell everyone their number or make it extremely easy to figure out. Then they probably wonder where their money disappeared to.

For example, the most preferred number is 1234. Now if I was a devious thief wanting to relieve you of your cash, that would be the first PIN I would try. But the hits just keep on rolling. The next preferred number is 1111 followed by 0000. Or perhaps you might have your birth year as your PIN? Or better yet, the fiendishly clever plan of disguising it as the last 4 digits of a fake phone number in your wallet? Whatever happened to getting 4 non-random digits and memorising them?

Let us know how seriously (or not) you take your PIN number? Do you resort to one of the easy methods outlined below in our infographic, or do you have a complex PIN that no-one will get, and which would make peoples heads explode if they tried to figure it out?  Maybe you work in a bank and you have some hilarious PIN-related stories to share?

How Safe Is Your PIN?

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