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Why Is Pinterest So Addictive? [INFOGRAPHIC] pinterestlogo I saw an article the other day that described Pinterest as “a woman’s social network” with 60% of the site’s visitors being of the female persuasion. Why is that? Why do men find it unattractive to share photos on Pinterest while women go completely nuts over the site? Pinterest has seen a stunning rise in the social networking space, sitting in a very comfortable third place behind Facebook and Twitter. That means that longer established sites such as Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Digg can only sit on the sidelines and glower at this young upstart stealing all of their thunder.

We here at MakeUseOf are starting to get into Pinterest in a big way. We have our own Pinterest page, and I have mine. We have even published a Pinterest guide. Various other staffers also have their pages. You can also pin every post on MakeUseOf to your Pinterest account (see the sharing buttons at the bottom of each post). But why is Pinterest such a sensationally popular social network? As the infographic below suggests, perhaps it appeals to our inner hoarding instincts? As computer hard drives get bigger, being a digital packrat has become much easier, and Pinterest is just a natural extension of that, allowing us to show off our enviable collection of toilet photos.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the infographic. Why do you think Pinterest is more popular with women than with men?  Why is the site popular at all?  Do you have your own active page there, and if so, what kinds of photos do you normally pin?

Why Is Pinterest So Addictive? [INFOGRAPHIC] WhyIsPinterestSoAddictive 4f760919793f1 w590


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