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A Peek Inside Online Retailers' Warehouses [INFOGRAPHIC] warehouseWe all find it very convenient to order online from a site like Amazon. But once we press the “buy” button, we don’t give the purchase a second thought until it arrives, and if it’s late, we’re quick to raise hell. But have you ever wondered what happens exactly behind the scenes when you press that “buy” button? Your purchases don’t magically fall from the sky – it’s all kept in warehouses and those warehouses are staffed by people who apparently work in such terrible conditions that a Chinese person making iPhones in China suddenly has it good. I personally wouldn’t tolerate an hour working in a place like that but everyone’s different.

Our infographic today comes courtesy of The infographic alleges some pretty bad stuff going on in the online warehouses, including 12 hour shifts with few breaks, earning minimum wage, being fired if you use a mobile phone, extreme temperatures, health risks such as back pain and arthritis, and loss of workers rights if you are a temp worker (I can definitely relate to THAT).

Let us know what you think of the infographic. Are you a former warehouse worker with whistle-blower stories to tell? Are you a lawyer on retainer who’s been instructed to deny everything? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

A Peek Inside Online Retailers' Warehouses

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