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New research has suggested that British people are becoming even more addicted to their mobile phones, with more than half of adults and two-thirds of teenagers saying that “they have used their smartphone while socializing with others”. But according to the following infographic, across the pond, American mobile users love their phones even more with one third saying they would rather give up sex than part with their phone (there’s always Internet porn right?)

66% of those questioned said they sleep with their phone next to them (I can identify with that) and 28% of iPhone users would rather not see their “significant other” for a week instead of giving up their phone.

Can you identify with any of these stats?  Would you give up sex in favour of your mobile phone? Would you sacrifice partners because of your iPhone? Do you sleep with an Android in your bed? Let us know in the comments.

Infographic via Telenav, Image Credit : Kazatzka

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