The Olympic Evolution Of Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

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4 years is the equivalent of an entire generation when it comes to electronics and mobile phones and the Internet. What exists today in our popular culture may either have not existed or may have just been getting started up 4 years earlier. Which is why, as we celebrate and enjoy the beginning of the 2012 London Olympic Games, it’s worth taking a look back at where technology and the Internet was in previous Olympics.

Back in Atlanta in 1996, the Internet and mobile phones were just getting started. Back then, options were seriously limited. There was no Twitter or Facebook, and smartphones didn’t exist. As we progressed through Sydney, Athens and Beijing, mobile phones got better, text messaging and social media got off the ground and with the introduction of the iPhone, smartphone apps. Now with the 2012 Olympics, we’re tweeting every moment, Facebooking every triumph and texting our friends when our country wins a gold medal.

Our infographic today breaks down the stats for you on this very subject. Let us know in the comments how you will be making use of technology and social media in the 2012 Olympics.

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Image Source: Olympic Torch by Peter J Dean

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Alexander Zahn

The awesomeness of technology…


Rigoberto Garcia

Use of Social Networks on smartphones and tablets is basically to keep track of our athletes, their performances and, of course, the winners in each competition. Just celebrate every win and, if known at once, the better.


Muhammad Ahmad



Joseph Esposito

Amazing changes.

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