Nintendo vs Sega: Video Game Logo Evolution [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In the world of gaming, the two most recognizable icons in the world are Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog. But they both come from separate companies, one of which has been around for 123 years, the other for 72 years. Who am I talking about? Nintendo and Sega of course. But in the days before the Italian Plumber and the Blue Hedgehog stormed onto the scene, what were Nintendo and Sega up to?

Did you know that Nintendo ran a line of “love hotels“, a taxi company, a TV network, and instant rice manufacturing? According to Wikipedia, they also made handmade Hanafuda playing cards. While they were up to all those diverse business interests, Sega took a more somber conservative business approach with coin-operated jukeboxes and slot machines.

In the end, it is Nintendo who seems to be on top, with double the annual revenue, double the annual net income, and almost double the number of employees. With that kind of cash, I should move to the Mushroom Kingdom and get into the Italian plumbing business.

Our infographic today shows the evolution of both Nintendo and Sega, charting their progress from the beginning, and what they managed to accomplish along the way.

Which do you prefer best – Nintendo or Sega? Tell us why in the comments below.

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kevin gnanaraj

I love nintendo mainly for simple portable consoles and gamefreak and its pokemon franchise. Took a lot of boredom out of being in the hostel as well as being good on the go.


Jessica Bowers

Wow! Ok, had no idea that those companies (especially Nintendo) was that old! Always preferred Nintendo myself and judging from the income figures, so do many other people.


Yiannis Papanastasopoulos

That’s a great infographic! I always loved Nintendo.



no Super Nintendo? Nintendo 64?

cool fact: the best selling sega game is: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games :)


Shawn Ashree Baba

Brings back memories!


Rigoberto Garcia

I started with Nintendo in the decade of 60 and am now in 3DS with grandchildren. It’s a great game, very entertaining and makes learning in children.


J. Random

Uh… I don’t want to know what a “love hotel chain” even is. Yikes.

Sounds like something involving geisha girls and “Super Mario Fifty Shades of Grey.”


Vijaynand Mishra

good info

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