The Neurology Of Gaming [INFOGRAPHIC]

pacman   The Neurology Of Gaming [INFOGRAPHIC] I am not that much into gaming but I know a lot of people who are, and after showing them today’s infographic, all of them had very mixed reactions. One wanted to shoot me with his laser gun, another wanted to blow me up with his Apache helicopter missiles while a third started humming the Tetris music while trying to bend me into a weird shape to fit into the corner of the room.

Seriously though, a lot of studies have been done throughout the years regarding the psychological effects of gaming on people, especially on young children. When murders are committed, you sometimes hear that the accused was playing violent computer games beforehand and this is used as a defense. Is it a valid defense? Who knows, I am not a lawyer or a doctor. But doctors, lawyers and other interested third parties like to make the connection between heavy gaming and changes to the gamer’s brain, which can lead to negative consequences.

As the infographic shows, there are positive sides to gaming too – improved problem solving and ability to work in a team, improved co-ordination and more. So I’m not trying to paint an extreme negative view of gaming. But it seems that the cons outweigh the pros, if the infographic is to be believed.

What do you think? Are you an outraged gamer who feels slighted? Or do you know someone who plays a lot of video games and who has been acting a bit weird lately? Let us know all about it in the comments!

Neurology of Gaming 800   The Neurology Of Gaming [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Image Credit: San Diego Shooter

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Dave Parrack

As with most hobbies there are definitely positive and negative sides to gaming. Best done in moderation, I feel. Which is coming from someone who struggles to find the time to game. Ever!

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Chris Hoffman

I hear that, Dave!

These days, if I ever find time to game, I’m constantly thinking about something else I should be doing instead. Ah, to be a carefree kid again…

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Defense with a “s”, I guess you can say “Defence” if you’re planning to destroy somebody’s wall around his property.

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Mark O’Neill

I am British, therefore I write British English. In British English, it’s spelt “defence” :-)