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When I was a boy, my mother always liked to tell me that money didn’t grow on trees, but if I was a boy today, I would tell her she’s wrong and point to Steve Jobs as the proof. That man knew how to literally grow money simply by sticking a logo of an apple onto a computer and then onto retail storefronts. Apple is today the most valuable public company in the world, worth over $400 billion. That’s a lot of iPhones and iPads.

Have you been inside an Apple store? One billion people in the world have. That’s an impressive statistic for any business to boast about. What other company can claim that it is harder for people to work for them than it is to get into Harvard?

Do you work in an Apple store? Let us know how the application experience was for you.  Did you apply and was rejected?  Let us know what you think about the Apple stores in general.  Good customer service?

Apple Stores Infographic

Infographic Source:

Image Source: La Minerve


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