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If I take a quick glance at my iPhone or iPad right now, I can see right away that a majority of the apps are games. That’s because as time goes on, more and more high quality games are being brought out for tablets and mobiles. We all know the Angry Birds phenomenon but how about Tetris 4 Great Tetris-Like Games For Your Smartphone [Android] 4 Great Tetris-Like Games For Your Smartphone [Android] Tetris was the first video game I remember playing. It came with the Nintendo my grandfather purchased for me. Games like Tetris remain popular because they’re easy to understand, fun to play, and don’t rely... Read More ? Or Diamond Mine? Or a nice soccer game Manage A Soccer Team & Improve It To Become The Best In Big Win Soccer [Android & iOS] Manage A Soccer Team & Improve It To Become The Best In Big Win Soccer [Android & iOS] Something that doesn't appear often when it comes to mobile apps are sports games, which is weird because they aren't (or in my opinion shouldn't be) all that much harder to make than the many... Read More ? With addictive games like these, it’s no wonder that my Nintendo Wii console is sitting in the corner of the living room, dusty and unloved. And I suddenly have no desire to use it again or play a PC game. The tablet and mobile serves my gaming needs perfectly.

Today’s infographic asks the question, is the console dying? In the face of stiff competition from iTunes and Google Play, are people bothering to play console games anymore? When you can download a game to your tablet immediately for say $5, or pay $60 for a console game disk from a store, it’s no contest as far as I’m concerned! I get my game immediately for either free or a few dollars. Why would I want to give that up to go out to a store and hand over half a day’s salary for a console game?

What about you? Have you moved over completely to your tablet or mobile to play games? Or are you still stubbornly holding onto your console and refusing to give it up? Can tablet and mobile games even be compared to console games, in terms of quality and player satisfaction?  Can both co-exist with one another or is the console fighting a losing battle?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: DeclanTM via Compfight cc

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