Is Photography Dead? The Mobile Photo Explosion [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It seems like only yesterday that I was taking my camera film to the store to be developed. Then I would return a few days later to discover that I had messed up a lot of the photos with heads missing, people cut in half, badly lit rooms, red eyes making people look like vampires….and I would end up cursing the amount of money I had just spent getting the roll of film developed.

But then digital cameras came along and with it came the ability to take a photo and immediately delete it if you didn’t like it. If you did like it, you could upload it to your computer, the Internet, or print it out on photo paper for your granny to put on her mantelpiece. And now digital cameras have been unsurped themselves from the top position by smartphones, which would be considered a serious deficit if it didn’t come with its own built-in camera.

Now everyone is snapping away like crazy, adding their own filters and uploading to places like Tumblr, Instagram and Flickr. It seems as if there’s nothing in the world which hasn’t been snapped, tagged, filtered, commented upon, catalogued, pored over, zoomed in on, geotagged, and God knows what else.

Our infographic today, courtesy of is about the “mobile phone explosion”, from the very first days of photography, to the Kodak cameras, and finally to the Internet making photography something that anyone can try out, without the need for expensive equipment.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the infographic.  Also, what was the first camera you ever owned? Do you still use it? Do you now use a digital camera or have you caved to the smartphone camera craze?

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Image Source: Old Camera via Shutterstock

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