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Sweden – the land of pretty blonde ladies, IKEA, saunas, cold weather….OK, before you all storm the comments section crying foul (including our very own Tina, who has lived in Sweden recently), I admit that I have just stereotyped a nation that is probably very lovely, and very nice to be around. And what makes them an even better nation (in my eyes anyway) is that Sweden has been declared the country that uses the Internet the best. Yay Sweden!

What does that mean? Well, as today’s infographic from shows, 61 countries were assessed Internet-wise, across 7 categories, which included communications infrastructure, web use, web content, and institutional infrastructure. And Sweden came out on top. Take that Norway and Finland! When it comes to Scandinavian Internet, Sweden are the top dogs! This is probably helped by the fact that 90% of all Swedes are online (compared to 75% of Americans).

Take a look at the infographic and then let us know in the comments what your thoughts are (apart from my stereotypes). Are you surprised that Sweden came out on top?  What is it about your country that makes it a good place to be, Internet-wise?

Who Uses the Internet Best?

Infographic Source:

Image Source: Man With Open Mouth & Swedish tongue via


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