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The Internet Usage Worldwide [INFOGRAPHIC] laptopmonkeyWe all know that the Internet is progressing in huge leaps and bounds, since its initial stuttering steps in the 90’s.  But not everyone in the world is lucky enough to have Internet access. Huge swathes of Africa, for example, are still offline.  But progress to bring the Net to as many people as possible is being made all the time, for example with cheap laptops, and new Internet service providers.

Which begs the question – who IS online?  Which countries dominate the Net and how do the numbers break down?  What do they spend their time doing, and which countries have declared Internet access a legal right?

All this and more in today’s infographic. Let us know in the comments what you think of it and whether you agree or disagree with the numbers.  Also tell us whether you think having online access should be a legal right in your country, and why.

Internet Usage Worldwide Infographic

Infographic Source:
Image Source: Chimpanzee with White Laptop via Shutterstock

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