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If you’re living in certain parts of the United States, then you will be very familiar with the weather phenomenon known as “hurricanes” and indeed recently, you had Hurricane Isaac ripping across your shores. Obviously, violent weather of this kind causes a tremendous amount of damage, both to infrastructure and to peoples lives in general. But have you ever taken into consideration that a hurricane could potentially bring down the Internet?

The possibility of this increases the more we depend on “the cloud” for our storage.  Huge data centers are built, and are continuing to be built, to accommodate our insatiable need for endless storage space. But all it takes is for one big puff from a hurricane to knock those data centers over and suddenly it’s adios Reddit and au revoir Instagram. However will we cope? I know, let’s all go over to Facebook…wait, that’s down too? Oh….

What do you think?  Is the Internet at the mercy of Mother Nature? Can a hurricane temporarily knock out the Internet, or part of it?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Click on the infographic below to see a larger version

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Image Credit: Hurricane Satellite Photo via Shutterstock

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