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It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sitting at my computer, waiting to go online while my torturously slow 56K modem whistled and screeched its way onto the World Wide Web. Fast forward more than a decade and I am now spoilt with my broadband wireless connection which kicks the pants off a 56K modem any day of the week. Now I can watch ABBA on YouTube on the toilet with my iPad without that constant irritating buffering spinning circle.

Thanks to the advances in modems and Internet speeds, it is now possible to stream music and video and view interactive webpages without interruption. We’re entering an era where anything before broadband and 3G is becoming an obsolete dinosaur and now 4G and T1 are starting to mark their territory. In fact, I don’t know a single soul who uses a 56K modem anymore. Everyone is getting upgraded to broadband, even the country folks.  Do you know anyone who uses a 56K modem or…gasp…anything slower than that?

But when were modems invented and who invented them? What were some of their early uses and what is their potential for the future? All of that is what this infographic from tries to address below in the first of our infographics this week. Let us know if you use 4G or T1 to access the net. If so, is it good value for money? How do you see Internet speeds going in the future?

Click on the infographic to be taken to a larger version

Image Credit : Markusram


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