The History Of Linux [INFOGRAPHIC ]

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If there’s one thing which must really piss off Bill Gates to no end, it must be the enduring popularity of Linux and other free software, as it undercuts his “if you want good software, you have to pay for it” attitude.¬† As Linux has shown, it is indeed possible to produce good software and a good operating system, then give it away for nothing to anyone that wants to use it.

Of course, it’s not without its flaws.¬† Linux doesn’t always produce software that matches up to the standard of its Windows equivalent and games for Linux are not that impressive according to people who care about these things.¬† However, you can tweak the system to your heart’s content and the huge number of distributions means there’s a version of Linux for everyone’s requirements.¬† Oh and of course, being big Linux fans here at MUO, there’s plenty of Linux articles for you to read and make use of.

Today’s infographic comes from BlogSearchEngine and it shows the history of Linux, starting in 1971 with Richard Stallman who would go on to set up the Free Software Foundation.¬† Later would come the operating system called MINIX and in 1989, the Finnish student Linus Torvalds wanted to upgrade MINIX and, finding he was barred from doing so, wrote his own OS called Linux.¬† The rest, as they say, is history.

Let us know what you think of the infographic.  Anything important that was left out?  What is it about Linux that you love so much?  What is it about Linux that you hate so much?  Give us your views in the comments below.

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Source : BlogSearchEngine

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Mango Wodzak

there’s no mention at all of UNIX here.. I thought that LINUX was somehow developed from UNIX? I’d love to hear the connection between the 2..



1996 – Shouldn’t that be “simulate” not “stimulate”? ¬†A baby with a spoon and a pot can stimulate sound waves. :)


Robin Ashe

Awful way to start. Bill Gates is involved in philanthropy.

Barry Kratzer

As well he should involved in philanthropy. The bastard has ripped us off with his problematic software for decades! You can love the son-of-a-bitch if you want to, but not me!!



What I love about Linux is “Value for Money”.¬† Even some of the commercial versions I have used, Lycoris, Mandriva, have more features at a quarter of the price of Windows, and I had access to 64bit OS years before Windows released theirs.
As for Mr Gates.¬† I like him.¬† I am probably going to be put on the “One to burn at the stake list” but he is responsible for putting the PC in every house and making it affordable, allowing me the choice to run Linux.¬† Ballmer on the other hand, well, when I say the name out loud I always feel like I am swearing.


You nailed it Maxx!!! 
i.e. “Get your head out of your Ballmer and pay attention”…¬†
I read your last sentence while sipping my morning joe. Now I have to clean the screen and keyboard.



Great article…I am reading on my netbook running Ubuntu!



i want to learn everything about linux and how to use it, please suggest me good place and articles to start from.


James Bruce

Lol – all that history, and it still sucks. ;)

greg batmarx

go away troll!Linux rocks!


ye troll alert.Terminal. Delete Troll


you probably think it sucks cause you cant understand it.

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