Whatever Happened To Ringtones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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I never really thought about this much until I saw this infographic today but annoying ringtones do seem to be on the decline. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I heard “I’m Too Sexy” blaring out in a crowded room or Bohemian Rhapsody making everyone in the bus instinctively start twitching their heads back and forth, Wayne’s World style.

But hey, I can’t talk. Up until a few years ago, I had Star Wars (Imperial March) and Star Trek:The Next Generation as my ringtones (yes, I am a sad geek). Whenever I was in the bus or in a crowded cafe, and Star Trek would start up on my phone, everyone would look at me with either amusement or pity (or both). Even last year, I was using the CTU ringtone from “24“.

Our infographic today takes a look at what has happened to ringtones over the past few years and how downloaded paid ringtones are on the decline. However, saying that, it still represents a multi-million dollar industry, making much more money than the top three music streaming services combined. So it is far from dead. But nevertheless, it is projected to be completely gone by 2016.

So come on, it’s confession time down in the comments below. Tell us which ringtones you have (or used to have) on your phone. Anything really embarrassing? We promise not to laugh (too much). Are you in the habit of buying ringtones or do you make your own?


Infographic Source: MusicProductionSchools.net
Image Source: kanjiroushi

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