Halloween Trick or Treat [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Since today is Halloween, I have decided to take a spooky look at technology in one of our regular weekly infographics.  Don’t worry, I promise not to bite – not unless you want me to.

Our infographic today, courtesy of Fixmo.com shows technology and business ideas which have become outmoded, discredited and sent to the spooky dead tech graveyard. These include mobile phones with no camera, GPS or wifi, communicating only by email, limited mobile web, and all IT professionals that said that their employees could not use iPads to view reports.

Then we have our friendly neighbourhood zombie tablets who like to nibble on a tasty morsel of data or two, provided by the Internet. These zombies are out for blood and can’t be stopped. Especially when you consider that the zombie tablets have been infected by vampire apps which may have passed along a virus or two.

I know one thing – I am rather nervous about ever turning my back on my iPad ever again. I get the feeling it is looking at me malevolently.

Infographic Source: Fixmo.com

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Ashwin Ramesh

whoa! that devil image is scary!

Mark O’Neill

That’s me :-)

Ashwin Ramesh

Haha.. you did a good job of scaring me :P


Alex Perkins

Good job I keep up to date. ;-)


Lisa Santika Onggrid

Aside of the blatant advertisement, it’s an interesting infographics. Creative. Zombie devices and Vampire apps are more abundant than one might think.


Gary Mundy

Tricky. I will have to learn to do that devil for next year. Very nice

Mac Witty

Or know we know – and can be a devil all the year around ;)


Boni Oloff

You makes me scared to see your face there.. haha..
I clicked this article just to see that face.. :)

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