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I immediately identified with today’s infographic, provided by, because it describes my wife and I to a tee. When we are both watching television, we are alternating between looking at the screen and looking at our phones. It’s comforting to know that this is a widespread practice, and not something anti-social, as someone once told me. I wasn’t listening though as I was checking my phone at the time.

In Ye Olden Dayes, before the “Age Of The Internets“, we used to have this unique experience where we would sit and endure TV adverts. This was the time when people either got up for a bathroom break or went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. But it seems that these days, instead of answering the call of nature or switching on the kettle, the preferred way to pass an advert break is to get the phone out and start either emailing, tweeting, texting, or looking up programme information. Could this casual indifference to television product hawking ultimately spell the death knell for TV advertising?

Let us know in the comments what parts of the infographic you identify with. How do you pass TV advert breaks?  Do you use your smartphone for something, or are you old-school and watch the TV adverts closely for the latest deals in washing powder?

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Image Source: Teenagers Hanging Out Together via Shutterstock

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