The Global Appeal Of Angry Birds [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you playing Angry Birds? If not then you should, because it is quite possibly one of the most addictive games you’re likely to encounter. An enjoyable game but still addictive and very frustrating! Apparently throwing those birds at pigs and watching everything crashing down improves your mood considerably.

The game has made its developers a stack of cash and the figures bear that out – 300 million downloads with a prediction that it will top 1 billion downloads, with a good percentage of gamers choosing to upgrade to the paid versions.  Males are 35% more likely to upgrade than women.

Why is it addictive? In the words of this infographic : “we get a primitive pleasure in blowing sh*t up!

Are you a big Angry Birds fan? Would you call yourself addicted? Have you upgraded to the paid version? Let us know in the comments.

Click on the infographic for a larger version.

angrybirds infographic 2 550pix2   The Global Appeal Of Angry Birds [INFOGRAPHIC]

Click on the infographic for a larger version.

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am amongst the one who uninstalled angry bird after the first 10minutes. I’d played WORMS long back and it was way better than angry birds