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When I was at school, the method of teaching was watching the teacher explain it on the blackboard and then pray to God that you understood everything they were telling you.  But these days, children are definitely pampered with this infographic claiming that gaming-related teaching is on the rise in the classroom. Is it happening in your school?  Is your child coming home with “gaming thumbs”?

Let’s be clear. We’re not talking World of Warcraft or Angry Birds 8 Awesome Angry Birds Videos For The Addicted 8 Awesome Angry Birds Videos For The Addicted I hate to admit it but I'm a little addicted to Angry Birds. I know many people hate the game in all its different iterations - it's for casual gamers, it sucks, it's pointless -... Read More . We’re talking about educational games which make the student think, and which make them “engage more” in the lesson (which loosely translates as “it stops them from goofing off at the back of the classroom”). It can be simple as a basic game for little children showing them how to care for animals, to a slightly more complex game showing students how to fight cancer cells at a microscopic level. It sure as hell beats a double Math lesson, where you’re reading from books.

What do you think of gaming in the classroom?  Is there a place for it in the teaching curriculum? Does it help students to learn more, or is it just another modern techno fad that does absolutely nothing for a child’s development?  If they have gaming in lessons in your school, tell us in the comments what games exactly are offered, and how exactly you think they help.

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Image Credit: Kids Playing a Car Racing Game via Shutterstock

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