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Internet Addiction Disorder (otherwise known as Facebookalitis) is set to become the big psychological disorder of the 21st century – and it seems we have mostly Facebook to thank for that. Thanks to the social media goliath, it seems that we are turning into a legion of junkies who salivate whenever we hear the sound of a new status notification arriving or a Friend Request being approved.

The following infographic examines what Facebook, and the Internet in general, is doing to our minds. Every new status update is like snorting crack cocaine apparently, only cheaper, (unless your ISP has suddenly decided to put their prices up to compete with the drug barons). We just can’t get enough of the Facebook stuff. But Facebookalitis is also apparently responsible for rewiring our brains and making them shrivel up. Something cheerful to think about, next time you’re on Facebook uploading a picture of your lunch.

The problem has become so serious that Internet Addiction Disorder is set to become officially recognised as a “psychological diagnosis”. Although I think it would be pretty easy to diagnose someone if they are sitting in the psychiatrist’s office updating their Facebook wall to tell everyone they are in the psychiatrist’s office.  And they send the psychiatrist a Friend Request.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the infographic. Do you think you’re turning into a slobbering incoherent vegetable because of the Internet, and Facebook in particular? Or is it all just a theory, like global warming?

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Image Credit: Stressed Girl Dragged From Her Computer via Shutterstock


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