Email – Friend Or Foe? [INFOGRAPHIC]

email   Email   Friend Or Foe? [INFOGRAPHIC]One of the first things I do in the morning, when I sit down at my desk, is check my email.  And my job involves so much email that I can pretty much guarantee that I will spend at least the first hour of my working day getting through all of the new stuff and following up on older emails.  It is a tedious part of the job, but unfortunately it’s also a fact of life.  Every office-based job these days involves sending and receiving email, and this trend is only going to rise instead of go down.

Which is why I immediately identified with today’s infographic. Apparently most people get stressed once they get at least 50 emails, so the fact that I regularly hit this minimum every day means that must be why I am squeezing stress balls and wearing a “I Am Grumpy” T-shirt.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the infographic. Are you held hostage to email or, like Chuck Norris, do you hold email hostage?  How many emails do you typically send / receive per day?  And are you one of the 15% who check emails at a funeral?  That’s a new one on me.

less email   Email   Friend Or Foe? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Image Source: Email Keyboard Button via Shutterstock

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Melroy D’monte

Thanks for the breakdown.. It’s sad to see that SPAM is still the major chunk of all the emails.

Mihovil Pletikos

talk face to face…. not a bad ide :)

Austen Gause

People check their email at funerals? Thats weird.


hah i use email only if i need them to sign up for forum or any other kind of services


so i don’t have this problem ^_^

ion popa

It seems I’m (still) a normal person as I never checked email at funerals. And I think this infographic should inspire the others 85%… :)


Nice, It would be better if the red parts of the wheels in the “we’re not addicted” section matched the percent values, as far as I can see only the top three match.

33% shouldn’t be more than half
20% is not more than a quarter
19% is not more than a quarter
15% is not a quarter

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Under 10/day. I’d like to say it’s manageable because all emails are meaningful to me, a product of real communication and news I care about, not related to my job.


People check email on bathroom?
They must have water-proof gadget

Mark O’Neill

I check my iPhone on the toilet and I use my iPad in the bath :-)

Douglas Mutay



Terafall, I agree. 78% check their email from the bathroom? I’m amazed!