Email – Friend Or Foe? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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One of the first things I do in the morning, when I sit down at my desk, is check my email. ¬†And my job involves so much email that I can pretty much guarantee that I will spend at least the first hour of my working day getting through all of the new stuff and following up on older emails. ¬†It is a tedious part of the job, but unfortunately it’s also a fact of life. ¬†Every office-based job these days involves sending and receiving email, and this trend is only going to rise instead of go down.

Which is why I immediately identified with today’s infographic. Apparently most people get stressed once they get at least 50 emails, so the fact that I regularly hit this minimum every day means that must be why I am squeezing stress balls and wearing a “I Am Grumpy” T-shirt.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the infographic. Are you held hostage to email or, like Chuck Norris, do you hold email hostage? ¬†How many emails do you typically send / receive per day? ¬†And are you one of the 15% who check emails at a funeral? ¬†That’s a new one on me.

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Image Source: Email Keyboard Button via Shutterstock

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Melroy D’monte

Thanks for the breakdown.. It’s sad to see that SPAM is still the major chunk of all the emails.


Mihovil Pletikos

talk face to face…. not a bad ide :)


Austen Gause

People check their email at funerals? Thats weird.



hah i use email only if i need them to sign up for forum or any other kind of services



so i don’t have this problem ^_^


ion popa

It seems I’m (still) a normal person as I never checked email at funerals. And I think this infographic should inspire the others 85%… :)



Nice, It would be better if the red parts of the wheels in the “we’re not addicted” section matched the percent values, as far as I can see only the top three match.

33% shouldn’t be more than half
20% is not more than a quarter
19% is not more than a quarter
15% is not a quarter


Lisa Santika Onggrid

Under 10/day. I’d like to say it’s manageable because all emails are meaningful to me, a product of real communication and news I care about, not related to my job.



People check email on bathroom?
They must have water-proof gadget

Mark O’Neill

I check my iPhone on the toilet and I use my iPad in the bath :-)

Douglas Mutay



Terafall, I agree. 78% check their email from the bathroom? I’m amazed!

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