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It seems to be the new trend in schools and companies all across the world – BYOD. No, it’s not a new type of online computer game but rather Bring Your Own Device. This is a scheme where money-conscious schools and companies allow students and employees to bring their own computers and devices instead of having to work with a device issued by the company. You get to work with your “lean mean computing machine” and the school / company saves big buckeroos. But as with everything else in life, there are clear pros and cons to the scheme, making it a bit debatable as to whether or not the scheme is actually any good.

The advantages to coming to class or to the office with your own laptop or tablet (for example) are obvious.  It’s yours, you’ve customized the hell out of it, and you have the entire discography of Guns n’ Roses burned to MP3 on the hard drive. Plus you’re more likely to have Windows 7 while the poor secretary in the corner is struggling with Windows 98. But then there’s the cons – theft, damage, incompatibility with colleagues devices, hooking up to the inept company network and getting a virus, and worst of all, your colleagues seeing your Kylie Minogue desktop wallpaper.

Our infographic today is on the subject of BYOD. Do you bring your own device to school or work? If so, what are the pros and cons for you?

Going BYOD

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Image Source: Reprolurch


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