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There was a time when every businessman and his dog had a Blackberry. Having one separated the serious executives from the non-serious ones. Everyone started obsessively checking their email every 5 minutes, leading to a medical condition dubbed “Blackberry Thumb“.It seemed that Blackberry would be like Darth Vader and rule the entire galaxy. Now suddenly the company is doing an impersonation of a Japanese Kamikaze pilot. What is going wrong for RIM?

Various factors are causing the rain to fall on Blackberry’s party. As the infographic below shows, the emergence of the iPhone and Android meant that all the cool kids started flocking to those mobile platforms.  Blackberry suddenly had competition but for some reason it failed to innovate with the times. Two hardware relaunches were dismal failures and the incident that finally plunged the knife into the back of RIM was when the entire RIM network went down for 3 days, causing users to not be able to access their email, Internet, and chat service. It was a disaster for RIM but I hear therapists did very well out of it.

As usual, we would love to hear your comments, good or bad, about the issue. Is Blackberry/RIM dead? Or can they pull off a stunning comeback?  re your thumbs twitching from Blackberry Thumb? Were you permanently traumatised by the 3 day absence of email, chat and Internet?  If so, let us know how your therapy sessions are getting on.

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