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Is Bill Gates Better Than Batman? [INFOGRAPHIC] billgates batman It’s the question that has been asked time and time again through the ages – is Bill Gates better than Batman?  Or does the Caped Crusader come out on top every time? Well let’s examine some of the evidence.

* Batman has a deep throaty grating voice (if you ignore the Adam West incarnation). This kind of voice makes Gotham’s enemies quake in fear. Bill Gates has a squeaky geeky voice.

* Batman has the Batcave. Bill Gates has….the Microsoft Redmond headquarters?

* Batman has a really cool black suit with matching menacing mask. Bill Gates wears expensive dress suits and sometimes a snazzy sweater.

* Batman has Robin. Bill Gates has this guy :


Bruce Wayne has Wayne Enterprises making secret weapons in its basement, guarded over by Morgan Freeman. Bill Gates had Microsoft making Windows Vista and the .NET framework. Enough said there.

But one thing they BOTH have in common is that they are both stinking rich – and Bill Gates and his wife Melinda can’t give it away fast enough, through their charitable foundation.  So while we jest about his suits, Steve Ballmer and Windows Vista, it can be argued that Gates is redefining the meaning of the word “heroism”.

Instead of fighting bad guys with a “KAPOW!”, perhaps being a hero is giving what you can afford to charities and making a difference in someone’s life?  What do you think?  IS Bill Gates better than Batman?

microsoft infographic

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