Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

iphoneapps   Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]The “problem” with having a smartphone is that there are simply too many apps to try out.  Just as you’ve found 10 good apps to try, another 20 come along, demanding your time and attention.  Suddenly, everything else in your life is put on hold, as you try out the latest new iOS game or the latest Android productivity app (ironic, I know).

But which ones are the best in their respective categories? While iOS has a better selection in their store, because of their stricter submission criteria, the Google Play store also has a wide variety of good apps, making it difficult to decide which ones are better than others. If your time is short, you need help. Of course you could turn to MakeUseOf’s very own curated and constantly updated Best Of pages, such as best apps for iPhone, best apps for Android and best apps for Windows 7. But if you are an iOS owner, you can also check out today’s infographic for more ideas.

Which of the suggested apps have you tried?  Would you agree that they are the best in that category or do you know of another worthy contender for the crown?  Let us know in the comments and let the blazing arguments begin!

Best iOS Apps for Mobile Learning 800   Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Image Source: Icons Splash Out Of Black Phone via Shutterstock

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Bernardo Delapasion

wow nice very interesting very informative

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Ahmed Khalil

thanks for sharing this great article, i was not know about this before

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Félix S. De Jesús

Most of them are expensive for me :(
Oh Well!!!

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I’ll wait for an infographic for Android

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Zara Walker

Thanks for sharing, great article!

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Ken Gaming

Booked marked!

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Margie Lyn Olonan

got brain challenge and scrabbles in my iphone :)

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