35 Top Restaurant Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

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While dining in our favourite restaurant a couple of weeks back, my wife and I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the customers were on their mobile phones. Either while waiting for their food, or tapping away with one hand and eating with the other, or browsing once their meal was over. The woman on the table next to us was on Yelp, leaving a review – moments after putting her fork down. She was having a rather loud conversation with her partner about what rating to give, all the time while the waiters – and the owner – looked on nervously.

The fact is that smartphone apps and the Internet in general have invaded even something as intimate as a dinner out. Whether it’s sitting in your favourite restaurant or whether it’s ordering take-out food, there’s an app for either checking the place out, finding discount codes, or paying. And if you are in the restaurant trade, and you are not getting into the app scene, then you are seriously losing money hand-over-fist. The power that these apps can give consumers – the power to leave an instant rating, the power to decide that a restaurant is not worth going to and spontaneously deciding to walk out – these are things which can literally make-or-break a business.

The infographic today gives us a rundown of the main players in the restaurant apps arena. From finding a restaurant, to finding loyalty points, to paying. It also compares consumer ratings between iOS users and Android users.

Let us know in the comments what you think of it. Do you use a restaurant smartphone app? If so, which one? Do you rely on reviews to decide where to go? Do you leave reviews yourself?

Infographic Source: www.qsrweb.com

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