2012 Internet & Mobile Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As we come to the end of another year, it’s time to look back and see how things have progressed up to now, and being a tech blog, we are naturally going to examine the tech scene during the past year or two. The following infographic breaks down and dissects the stats with regards to the way we consumed Internet content up to now.  Did the regular PC win out or was it roundly defeated by other forms of communication?  And where in the world does the Internet rule supreme?

Yup, as you may have already guessed (or known) by now, the PC is being trashed in favour of smartphones and tablets.  But that isn’t really a surprise (especially if you are a regular MakeUseOf reader and you’ve seen our coverage slanting a lot towards mobile and tablet applications). Everyone and their dog has a smartphone in their pocket and a tablet under their arm.  And according to today’s infographic, that smartphone is more likely to be an Android phone, rather than an iPhone or Windows phone.

And where does the Internet reign supreme?  According to the infographic, China is soaring out ahead with an unassailable lead, with the USA and India in second and third place respectively (but our US readers can console themselves with the fact that they are beating China when it comes to 3G subscribers).

Let us know in the comments what you think of the infographic.  Do the stats look accurate to you?  Do you agree that the PC is slowly being relegated to history while smartphones and tablets are poised to take over the earth? Let us know what you’re thinking.

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Infographic Source: www.backgroundcheck.org
Image Credit: Man Looking At Internet Wordcloud via Shutterstock

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Arpit Nadda

Nice article… Android has a big costumer reach… Glad i possess one


Nevzat Akkaya

I liked my country Turkey to be listed in the top 10 :)



The internet users figures are not correct. What about Western Europe? Germany, UK and France all have more than 50m users and should be in the Top 10.


Sarah Lam

Not surprising that android is more popular than IOS. But it’s good to have both side by side.


Lisa Santika Onggrid

My country won the fifth place…
There’s a surge of Internet adoption over the last few years and carriers fail to catch up with the needs, despite adding more flame to the trend. Result? More people are online, but the connection speed gets slower and slower. It’s not uncommon to see a new carrier offering ‘high-speed’ access for a while, and get bogged down by massive subscribers till the speed is one-fourth the first weeks. Another carrier appears, and customers move again. Cue the cycle. We’re not afraid of switching carrier. it’s part of daily life. Use this bundled USB modem till the promotion date ends, then buy another one. I’m curious to see how is it in other countries.


PhĂșc Ng?c

Tks Mark. My company is going to expand this year to South East Asia and Indonesia could be a promising land.


Marks Adwin

Android is the leader in smartphone market. Apple should think about new innovations. While Windows Phone failed to gain users interest.


James Hudson

apple hold a lerge area of the internet


Catherine MacArthur

Im surprised UK isn’t in top 10! What about Germany? I think there should be a ‘Europe’ category .. That’s gotta be massive (as in countries in the EU).

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