The 11 Years Of The iPod [INFOGRAPHIC]

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I can fondly remember my first iPod. I was a late entrant to the whole Apple craze, and after years of owning crappy MP3 players that broke down constantly and had bad sound, I decided to take the plunge and buy an iPod.  

At the time, it was one of those big white chunky ones with the spinning wheel in the middle and to me, this thing was revolutionary. I ended up listening to more music than I had ever listened to in my entire life.  nd it also led to one of my first MakeUseOf articles, which is still the most popular article I have ever written on MUO.

I just couldn’t stop using it and now that initial Apple itch has turned into a huge rash with me now buying an iPhone and iPad. If it wasn’t for the wife’s objections, I would also have the desktop computer. Ah well, you can’t have everything I guess…..

The iPod became a huge cash cow for Apple and even though the iPhone and iPad have pretty much made the iPod obsolete, it has still a special place in my heart, as well as Bakari’s. And people still buy it today, so it isn’t totally extinct. It’s more like hanging on for dear life by its fingernails.

Our infographic today is all about the iPod, the device that changed the fortunes of Apple and changed the music industry forever. Tell us in the comments what your first iPod was. What do you remember the best about it?  Do you still use it or have you progressed to an iPhone or iPad for your music listening needs? Is there anything Apple can do to make it popular again or is it on the slow inevitable path to eventual extinction?

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Image Source: Brian Fitzgerald

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Bart Vyvey

I would be sad to see the iPod go. I’ll hold on to it for as long as I can. Why? My current 160Gb currently holds just over 120Gb of music and meditations. And I’m definitely not a fan of having to choose what I’ll put on or off my iPod/iPad…


Vishal Srivastava

iPOD. Never owned one but it was definitely one of the gadgets that generated the geek in me. The rotating center button was awesome and even 5GB space looked huge. Remember those days fondly…


Mihovil Pletikos

and in the same time you there were random brand mp3 players (not so sexy mp3 players) that worked without itunes, with FM radio for 1/4-1/3 of the price of the cheapest ipod whatever…..


You forgot to mention those players only had a fravction of the HDD space a ipod has


FĂ©lix S. De JesĂşs

I used to possess iPod video 5.5G, Nano 3rd Gen, Shuffle 4th Gen, and 3GS… iPod is the best thing ever.



Never bought one nor will I ever be chained to i-tunes. I have had the same mp3player for many years and it serves is purpose well without the ball and chain that apple offers


Ritwick Saikia

A gadget that I have craved for 10 years but never got to own. But I love it and it changed the dynamics of the music industry not to mention reversing Apple Inc.s fortunes.

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