10 iPhone Fun Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

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After several months of owning an iPhone, I am still learning new things about it every day, things I never realised I could do with it. For example, did you know you can make phone calls with it? That is utterly amazing. Here I was thinking that an iPhone was only good for checking email and updating Instagram, and suddenly it rings and someone is talking to me at the other end! Absolutely amazing technology. Whatever will they think of next?

Here at MakeUseOf, we have covered iPhone hacks and tricks extensively. To quote a couple, Tim covered some of the iOS 5 features back in November, and Bakari covered another 10 iOS 5 tips in March. But another cool feature which I have just discovered, is that you can activate Siri just by raising the phone to your ear (the phone has to be switched on first though). This is much more convenient than doing the long pressing of the Home button. It also allows you to make a Siri enquiry look like an ordinary phone call, so you can avoid all those weird stares from people wondering why you are talking to yourself.

Do you know of any other unknown fun facts about the iPhone / iOS 5 that people should know about? Let us know in the comments.

Infographic Source: MacPhun

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PJ Wessels

iPhoneography? That’s a thing. Wow.

Mark O’Neill

Yeah, wonder how long it will take for the Oxford English Dictionary to officially adopt it alongside LOL and OMG!


Patricia Boudalis

I’m so tired of being spammed. I have thousands of e-mails still unread because I just don’t bother to open a lot. It seems when I’m feeling the most helpless, I get an e-mail offering to teach me how to make money at home. I’d just like to receive e-mail from known friends, family, and companies. Wish there was a way to filter these others out before they get to me without having to establish their address or name on my own.’


Mark O’Neill

Do you mean that Apple Mail on the iOS system is not good when it comes to spam? If so, I don’t use Apple Mail (I prefer to access Gmail via the iOS Gmail app), so I can’t give you any Apple Mail spam filter tips.

Maybe someone more familiar with it can help you out. Or ask over at MakeUseOf Answers?


John Smith

Do people actually check what they put in their articles?
This is a downright Apple fanboy’s version of facts.

Symbian apps had their own stores legally for years before iPhone/iTunes.
No, iPhone is not in the first place, you’d be amazed if you have done a little research and not make up numbers.

And 27% of photos taken by smart phones, somehow that became a fact of the iPhone, and not a smart phone data.

Mark O’Neill

I don’t think the infographic implied that Apple was the first company to have an apps store. I think what it meant was that the Apps store was the first place where you could legally download an Apple app for the iPhone. At least that was my interpretation of it anyway.

John Smith

And that narrative is still wrong. Symbian app stores were allowing users to legally download apps. It also says the iPhone change the way we are texting, how so? I was texting since 1999, where was the iPhone then? Please. Such statements should be carefully checked before publishing them which makes you agreeing with them.


James Bruce

Not sure what SMS has to do with the iPhone. It was around for donkeys before the iPhone was released.

Mark O’Neill

I don’t think it was implying otherwise. Maybe it was referring to the design of the SMS screen on the iPhone (the IM style bubbles)??


You are right. Text bubbles were totally new.


Jon Smith

i guess i found out that the iphone display turns off during a call haha

Mark O’Neill

Yeah that annoys me because when the call ends, I have to jab the screen to find the “end call” button and 9 times out of 10, I end up hitting the Facetime button instead! :-/



Actually, I was downloading (legal) apps from getjar.com (probably) looong before Apple had even thought of making a phone.

Also, this infographic talks of the 200+ patents like they’re a good thing. These patents have wasted millions of dollars of Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and other companies’ profits and have pissed the courts off to the point where judges will refuse to hear a trial because Apple is forever wailing about copied designs without actually proving that it’s hurting their profits.

People still cling to the idea of the iPhone being this magical device, when right now, it doesn’t do anything different to an Android handset.

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