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Charts and graphs are an excellent way to present figures in an easily understandable way. But if you are creating charts for your website, it would be best if your charts were somehow embeddable. Such charts and graphs can be created through a web service called Infogram.

embeddable graphs charts

Infogram is a free to use web service that currently lets you create embeddable charts and graphs; soon the site will let you create embeddable infographics as well. The site lets you sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. You can then choose to create a bar chart, a pie chart, a matrix graph, or a line graph. A default chart appears according to the options you choose. The data can be edited on the left pane in a spreadsheet interface; you can also import data from an Excel file if you already have it on your computer.

Your chart is updated as you update your data. The embeddable code can then be obtained and used on your website.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create embeddable charts and graphs.
  • Currently supports bar charts, pie charts, matrix graphs, and line graphs.
  • Lets you import data from Excel file.
  • Will soon let you create infographics.
  • Similar tools: Google Image Chart Creator, ChartGo, ChartPart, HohliCharts, ChartTool and Charts.

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