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InFocus Pro is magnificent idea with a slightly rocky execution, but nevertheless, it could be usable by some. The app essentially pack five apps into one: a calendar How And Why To Sync Mac OS X iCal with Google Calendar How And Why To Sync Mac OS X iCal with Google Calendar Read More , a list-maker, a to-do checklist creator, a project manager, and a note-taker. Three of those tools are quite similar to one another, but they are designed to serve rather specific purposes.

First thing’s first: the app is innovative. It is designed to seamlessly organize your life. For instance, you may create a project in the project manager, and a to-do list is automatically created based on project parts. That’s great, and there’s no need to knock it whatsoever.

all in one productivity app

The app also implements a “hand-writing” feature in which you can jot down calendar information with your finger (or more practically, a stylus). Honestly, this ends up being a little more trouble than it’s worth, and although it is mean to be easier than typing, using the keyboard seems to be more functional. No big deal, though.

infocus pro

Graphically, the app suffers a bit. It’s clean and somewhat pretty to look at, but something just doesn’t seem to sit right with its colors. However, that’s only a matter of personal preference.


Overall, InFocus Pro is a well-designed app. However, it’s like having an iPhone within an iPhone, and that seems to be a little silly. It’s perfect for people who like everything all in one box, but for people who like to separate parts of their lives into different boxes, it can feel slightly cluttered.


  • Seamless feature integration.
  • Project planning and list creation.
  • In-app calendar syncs with Calendar app.
  • Hand-writing tool for marking important dates.
Get InFocus Pro from the iTunes App Store.

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