InFocus: Easily Highlight Part Of A Webpage & Share

When you ask a friend to check out something on a website, they spend a great deal of time looking for what you were talking about. Here to save time for you both is a web service called InFocus – it highlights rectangular portions of a webpage.

In focus   InFocus: Easily Highlight Part Of A Webpage & Share

InFocus is a web service that can help you highlight rectangular portions of any webpage. The site does not ask you to register for any accounts; you simply visit its homepage and enter the URL of the page you want something highlighted on. Your webpage is loaded up and you can use your mouse to mark a rectangular region on the page. A URL is given to you which, when visited, darkens other areas of the webpage and keeps your marked region lit up.

The visitor to the URL can disable or enable InFocus’s highlighting any time he wants through the top bar of the service that appears on the webpage. In this simple way you can share URLs of your site or other sites that automatically highlight portions you want attention drawn to.


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