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Before a website is created, developers work on its outline by creating a ‘wireframe’ which is basically a visual representation of the flow of a website. Creating wireframes is an extremely important process which ensures that the developer and client are on the same page. For developers working in groups, collaboration on the wireframe is necessary; it is also essential to hookup wireframes with real databases to test element behavior. While many website let site designers create simple visual wireframes, few let them collaborate on them, and even fewer let you connect databases to the wireframe. Here to offer all those features is an excellent site called InfoCaptor.

collaborate wireframes

InfoCaptor is an excellent web service that lets you create wireframes online, collaborate on them, and connect databases to them. You start simply by creating a new account on the site. When you login you find the canvas loaded and ready to be used. Page elements can be dragged from the left most pane to the canvas and connectors can be used to link objects. To fix elements into place you can group objects together and lock them in a certain place on the wireframe. Apart from regular webpage elements you also get grids, charts, trees, and numerous other useful elements. Databases can be connected easily by providing the required connection handle, IP address, etc.


Collaborators can be added any time you want and the wireframe page can be made public or private – it is up to you. Your in-progress or finished wireframe can be downloaded as a PNG image or exported to JSON. You can also get an equivalent HTML code to embed and use on your website.

InfoCaptor certainly offers website developers a good amount of options to use for creating a good wireframe. Users will be pleased.


  • A user-friendly website
  • Lets you create wireframes
  • Lets you collaborate on wireframes
  • Lets you connect databases
  • You can download wireframe as PNG image or JSON
  • You can embeddable HTML code for your wireframe

Check out InfoCaptor @

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