INeedToReadThis: Save Webpages For Later Viewing

“I Need to Read This” is a browser bookmarklet which lets you save stories for later viewing and read them when you have time. It is very simple to use and doesn’t require to install anything.

To start using, sign up for an account and drag the provided bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. When you are viewing a page that you want to read/check late simply click on the bookmarklet to add it to your “INeedToReadThis” list.

image125   INeedToReadThis: Save Webpages For Later Viewing

To remove a story from the list, just mark it as read. You can access your list from your account online or via RSS at

The app also has an extra bookmarklet called “Read an Article” that opens the oldest unread story from your to-read list.


  • Save pages for reading later.
  • Access the oldest unread story with one click.
  • Supports IE and Firefox browsers.
  • Access your stories in your account online or by RSS.
  • Free, get account and start using.
  • Similar web apps: ReadBag, LaterLoop, InstaPaper and toRead.

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