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Startups and small businesses often have a hard time seeing where they stand financially. Tools like focus on individual consumers while software like QuickBooks are a lot of hassle. InDinero is a new tool that makes it easy for small businesses to manage their finances online by integrating their bank account, credit cards and PayPal accounts.

finance tracking website

User can monitor their current financial standing, see their past expenses and spending trends, monitor cash flow shortages and even predict future finances.

A free InDinero account is good for 50 transactions or less, but more can be added for a small monthly fee. The information is completely secure and can be exported to Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks or CSV.

finance monitoring

Watch InDinero intro by its CEO



  • Intelligent finance monitoring for small businesses.
  • Create a dashboard for managing your small business finances.
  • See your cash standing and spending trends.
  • Monitor cash flow shortages and predict future finances.
  • Downloads financial data from over 10,000 financial institutions.

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