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Out of all the filmmakers that submit their works to movie festivals, only a small percentage of the work gets screened. This leaves behind a large collection of good films that do not find an audience. It is then the filmmaker’s task to promote and sell their movies independently. Here to help them do that online is a web service called IndieReign.

sell independent films

IndieReign is an excellent web service for filmmakers and indie film enthusiasts. The site lets filmmakers promote their movies and offer them up for sale. Other users on the site are incentivized to promote the work they like which makes getting the word out easier. Visitors on the site can browse the work available and buy films they find interesting. Each film comes with a description and complete detailed information set.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps independent filmmakers promote and sell their films.
  • Lets visitors browse films and buy them.
  • Includes detailed information for each film.

Check out IndieReign @ 


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