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A Brand new Indie Gala Bundle is out, offering up to 5 action and strategy games for any price you’d like to pay. As usual with bundles like this, you can decide on the amount you want to pay (there’s a $1 minimum) as well as nominating who your money goes to. You can divide the money as you wish between the games’ developers, all small-time and independent, two charities and the Gala itself.

The basic bundle includes 3 games, but if you decide to go above the average payment (currently $4.57), you will get two additional games. Not only that, but there are three secret bonuses that will open next week for anyone who paid more than the average. No one knows that these bonuses are, they can be anything from level packs to three extra games.


Once you purchase the games and divide the money as you wish, you will receive a Steam license code for each game, so you will need a Steam account in order to redeem and play these games. The Indie Gala III bundle will be available for two weeks. 5 awesome games, a do-it-yourself price and a good deed to top it all off. What more can you ask for?

Source: Indie Gala


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