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IB_07Mozilla lists around 844 bookmark add-ons for Firefox. One would think that’s a choice too many. But ask a download buff and he would shout – “˜Bring “˜em on!’ That’s what we download junkies search for”¦an app that does a better job. Maybe, it’s around the next download.

Incredible Bookmarks for Firefox is one among those bookmark add-ons for Firefox. In the next few lines we will try to discover if it stands apart from its brethren. If it does, it will certainly deserve the “˜Incredible’ conditioner. The download page hints that the add-on is highly regarded. Great, neat and nice are the words bandied about.

The Incredible Bookmarks for Firefox add-on installs as a 41KB file. By default it makes an appearance as a toolbar on the top of the browser window. Just the loss of screen real estate might not make this add-on worth it for some, so the add-on has to really step up to the plate with its features.

Firefox does have a default bookmark toolbar of its own. Many choose to keep it hidden from view. Think of Incredible Bookmarks as an enhanced version. And it too can be unchecked and dismissed from view from its own menu or from View – Toolbars (and restored in the same way). Note that Incredible Bookmarks does not replace the default Firefox bookmarks toolbar.

incredible bookmarks firefox


With the bookmark tool installed, let’s check out some of its features”¦

View More Than One Bookmark Toolbar

incredible bookmarks firefox

Incredible Bookmarks for Firefox lets you add additional toolbars. While minimalists will balk at this encroaching on screen estate, consider this – you can create different toolbars to improve your workflow. For instance, one toolbar can address work related links while the other can be for personal use or entertainment. Switch on the visibility as per the browsing needs.

The additional toolbars can be selectively switched on or off from the View – Toolbars menu. Also they can be easily removed.

View Bookmarks By Folder Or By Search Term

incredible bookmarks

The toolbar can be filled with bookmarks according to a root folder or a subfolder. Additionally, if your bookmarks are a bit disorganized, you can key in some keywords and the toolbar gets automatically filled up. With keywords you can create dynamic bookmarks on the fly.

View & Order Bookmarks By Name, Visit Time, Last Visit & Most Visited


Another plus for quick organization is the ability to order and re-order the bookmarks in each toolbar according to alphabetized names, visit times, last visit and the most visited. For instance, when you have a bunch of bookmarks it’s easy bring the most frequented ones forward by checking the Most Visited option.

View Color Coded Bookmarks


Add a double plus for the bookmark color coding property. Right click on a bookmark and select a palette of colors from Highlight Bookmarks. Colors as visual indicators can immediately draw the eye to a highlight bookmark. For instance, you can color code bookmarks according to relevance.

And Finally”¦Remove Duplicates & Dead Links


Watching for bookmark updates and removing the dead links should be the default role of any bookmark tool and Incredible Bookmarks doesn’t fail here. It can also weed out pages which end up as “˜File Not Found‘ or “˜Server Not Found‘. What you get is a cleaner bookmark folder. For instance, you can set one toolbar to display all your bookmarks and then clean those through in one go.

If you have a bookmark organization fetish, you must have tried out a few of the Mozilla bookmark add-ons 5 Tools to Harvest the Potential of Your Firefox Bookmarks 5 Tools to Harvest the Potential of Your Firefox Bookmarks Read More . If you are still waiting to arrive at Incredible Bookmarks, then jump the queue. Incredible Bookmarks is a well conceived package. The only gripe you could have is with the loss of the screen space. But that’s a slight loss when you stack it up against the help.

Download Incredible Bookmarks from Visibotech or from the Mozilla Add-ons page. You can also watch two tutorial videos of the bookmark app in action (Basics Tutorial or Advanced Tutorial).

So, does the add-on deserve the “˜Incredible’ adjective? Let us know”¦

  1. Anarm
    January 9, 2010 at 11:34 am

    great..thanks for sharing.. i really need the Remove Duplicates & Dead Links function.. cool~ thanks again..

  2. nick
    January 9, 2010 at 2:18 am

    Thanks for your help and the great article Saikat.



  3. nick
    January 8, 2010 at 5:09 am

    This looks quite good but I can't live without 'x-marks'. Any Idea if these two play nice together?


    • Saikat
      January 9, 2010 at 1:47 am

      Yes, in my experience they can be run independent of each issues so far.

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