Incognito This: Turn Private Browsing On & Off With A Single Click (Chrome)

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Incognito This! is a useful extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows users to shift between normal browsing and private browsing, with a single click.

Incognito This   Incognito This: Turn Private Browsing On & Off With A Single Click (Chrome)

True, using the hotkey, Ctrl + Shift + N does the job of shifting Chrome into Incognito mode. However, Incognito This! does not only allow users to switch browsing modes but also gives them the ability to automatically switch to private browsing when a specific URL is entered into the URL box in Chrome.

Another great feature of Incognito This! is the “Idle” feature that automatically closes the Incognito tabs that are inactive after a period of given time (say 10 minutes). If you want, you can even assign shortcut keys to switch any opened tab to incognito mode.


  • Automatically close idle Incognito tabs after given period of inactivity – time can be changed from “Settings”.
  • Shift into private browsing the moment a specific URL is entered.
  • Use right click menu to shift.
  • Enable hotkeys to switch between normal and private browsing.

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