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There are times when new e-mails just don’t stop filling up your inbox. Spam or not, they annoy you, stop your workflow, and cause productivity paralysis. If you are the type who wants to deal with e-mails one at a time, then you should check out Pause Inbox. This Gmail addon for Chrome helps you take back control of your e-mails by hiding new e-mails from you until you are ready to deal with them.

Inbox Pause works like a filter that you can turn on or off. Once installed, a pause button will appear next to your Gmail. When you click the button, your e-mails will be automatically rerouted to a special folder, waiting for you until you click the UNPAUSE button.

Inbox Pause can also send automatic replies to e-mail that were not received during the paused mode.

Inbox Pause is the perfect tool for those who can only deal with e-mails one at a time. This also gives you a quick button to freeze your account when you are out or on vacation. Finally, pausing your e-mail may actually allow you to get work done, free from all distractions.


  • Keeps your inbox from maxing out.
  • Click button to control new e-mails.
  • Available in Chrome only.
  • Send auto reply to senders when e-mails are paused.
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