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Everyone is in a rush these days. We share 6-second looping videos on Vine 8 Creative Ways To Use Six Seconds On Twitter Vine 8 Creative Ways To Use Six Seconds On Twitter Vine At its core Vine is a simple way for anyone and everyone to record a video fit for consumption on social media sites. However, Vine has the capacity to be so much more. All it... Read More  via 140 character Twitter updates, rush through email at light speed 6 Ways To Reclaim Your Email Inbox 6 Ways To Reclaim Your Email Inbox Is there anything else that’s as useful, prevalent, and frustrating as an email inbox? It’s been around forever and we keep using it, and as long as we keep using it, people like me will... Read More and even sell our world-changing ideas in an impatient five minute format 8 TED Talks Videos Under 5 Minutes Long You Want to Watch 8 TED Talks Videos Under 5 Minutes Long You Want to Watch Have five minutes to kill? What better way to spend that time than to watch an fascinating or informative TED Talks video. There's a lot of great content available to watch on TED but sometimes... Read More .

Psychologist and author Richard Wiseman has gone one better and written 59 Seconds, a book all about changing your life in a minute. Richard’s format fits YouTube like a glove, so he’s created a series of short videos to demonstrate.

Got ten minutes? Here’s ten examples of what YouTube does best Can Silence Drive You Crazy? Veritasium Answers This & More [Stuff to Watch] Can Silence Drive You Crazy? Veritasium Answers This & More [Stuff to Watch] You know those YouTube channels where everything is so entertaining that you can kid yourself into believing you're learning while getting no work done? Read More .

Wake Up Feeling Great

You might have heard about sleep cycles in the past, but how do you apply them to your own schedule? Well the key is to wake up at the right time, which is pretty easy if you follow the 90-minute rule, as laid out here.

Be More Persuasive

Not only is this a great tip for getting your own way, it’s also worth looking out for in case you find yourself on the receiving end. While you can use the power of persuasion for personal gain, this effect takes on a more sinister role when exploited by companies and lawmakers.

Lose Weight Without Trying

I know – there is no trick to weight loss, and if there were it would probably involve more than watching a YouTube video. That said you can use the advice herein to trick yourself into eating less, which should hopefully make your weight loss regimen Shed The Pounds: Subscribe To These 4 Weight Loss Subreddits Shed The Pounds: Subscribe To These 4 Weight Loss Subreddits Have you made a resolution to lose a bit of weight? Reddit is a great resource for this, with plenty of subreddits for those eager to reach a healthier weight. Read More of healthy eating and regular exercise even more effective.

The Bathroom Mirror Effect

How often do you look in the mirror? You might find yourself catching your own gaze slightly more often if the advice here is to be believed. But while self-awareness is important, it’s got more to do with the eyes than seeing a true likeness of ourselves.

Get Your Lost Purse or Wallet Back

While it’s arguably down to the individual who finds your lost goods whether or not they will be returned to you, social experiments like this are interesting nonetheless. When more than 200 wallets were dropped across a major city with identical contents and only a differing picture to identify the owner, which picture had the highest rate of return?

Spot A Fake Smile

Most of us can muster a wince when we need to on a rainy Tuesday, but can other people tell how we feel deep down? The video above tests your ability to spot a fake smile and tells you what to look for. Then you can go and practice your own fake smile in the bathroom mirror you bought to encourage honest behaviour.

Find Out What Your Pet Says About You

Pet owners are often inseparable from their furry companions, and research suggests that the kind of pet you own is suggestive of certain personality traits. It turns out there is a much easier way to get the low-down on a pet owner you’ve just met, with a simple question.

Test Your Empathy

Old but gold, this is one test I’ve always struggled with as it consistently works. The idea that the act of yawning is contagious is not a new one, but what does it say about your personality? Watch this video and find out, then test your friends!

Find Out If You’re Sleep Deprived

There are a few simple tests you can do to find out whether you’re sleep deprived, but you might not be aware just how badly sleep deprivation can affect you without realising it. This video simulates the brief “microsleep” blackouts that occur, and offers a quick checklist for those of you who are feeling especially empathic with those yawning around you.

Force Your Happiness

My girlfriend told me about this trick last year, and I was utterly shocked to find it actually works. Put simply, the correlation between happiness and smiling might not be quite as one-way as most of us think.

In59Seconds on YouTube

If you’ve enjoyed these videos then you might want to subscribe to Richard’s channel using the link above. If you enjoyed them a lot, you might want to buy Richard’s book or his sleep-themed follow up Night School. As a final bonus, Richard used the scientific basis for relaxing music and a composer to create what has been dubbed the “world’s most relaxing piece of music” which you can hear about in the video below.

Download the music, or use this handy YouTube video.

How else can you learn so much in less than a minute?

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