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I bet that you’re a sloucher. Yep. You have poor posture while seated at the computer, and your body often ends up in a crumpled mess of skin and misplaced body parts. I also bet you’re uncomfortably sliding back up in your seat now that I’ve called you out on it. It’s okay, though. We’ve all been there. In fact, my body is currently contorted in such a manner that I’m not sure if I’ll make it out of this article alive!

However, while I’m still breathing, I thought I’d share with you a quick app for Mac that improves your posture (and could have saved me from my own demise). It’s called Nekoze, and from what I can tell, this means “slight stoop” in Japanese. Using your iSight camera, the app watches you and checks to see if you are sitting up straight.

The app starts off by asking you to press the Start button while straightening your spine. This is a calibration process to see how you should look while sitting down. Here’s the fun part, though. The second you start to slouch, Nekoze will play a meowing sound and an image of a kitten will appear near your menubar, warning you that you now have a “slight stoop”.  Pretty fancy, eh?

Nekoze isn’t perfect by any means, but it did catch me a few times whenever I decided to slump. It’s a fun app to practice sitting up while working alone, but I wouldn’t necessarily use it in public. For more practical posture improvement, you may want to try out a standing desk Your Backbone Will Thank You: 6 Great Standing Desk Designs Your Backbone Will Thank You: 6 Great Standing Desk Designs Sitting can kill you or at least cause serious health issues. Unfortunately, many jobs require us to sit at our desks for many hours a day. While it's tough to change what you do for... Read More .



  • Lets you know if you are sitting up straight.
  • Plays an alert sound when you slouch.
  • Uses the iSight camera to view your body.

Install Nekoze by visiting the Mac App Store.

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