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free flash cards for pocket pcI hear you are looking to be productive and maximize your time and you want to use your Windows Mobile Device to do it? Well I have found a nifty little application that will let you set up and use free flash cards for your pocket PC. It is called Portable Note Card Freeware (Flash Card) 2.1.

The application is in a zip file. The zip file contains the manual and the exe file used to install this application. It will be installed via Active Sync on your next sync. You will be asked if you want to install it to your local memory or your storage card – either one will work.

The icon can be seen in the bottom right hand side of my start menu:

free flash cards for pocket pc

Click on the application to open it up. You will see the splash screen:

free flash cards for pocket pc


Once you get the application installed you will want to get your questions and answers into it – because without that it would be pretty worthless – right?

You need to create your text file with your questions and answers. For ease of use create them on your computer. You can do it from your phone but you will have a MUCH easier time on your computer.

Fire up your favorite text editor and write a question on one line and an answer on the next. Repeat until you have added all your questions and answers. This part actually helps me as much as the flash cards. Creating the cards (or cheat sheets back when) was how I memorized everything!

Here is what my file looks like:

free math flash cards

Transfer the file to your device or memory card. Now go back to the application and hit the file button and browse to your text file like so:

math flash cards pocket pc

Next hit File – Open and you will see a file open dialogue box. Choose your TXT file from there. You will also notice that you will see your notes in here as well. Hit your file and it will open in the application like so:

flash cards software for pocket pc

and if you hit the A button on the right hand side of the number of questions that are in the system it will display the answer like so:

make flash cards

Use the single forward arrow to move to the next question or the double forward arrow to move to the last question. You can also move backwards with the single and double arrows in the same method.

I hit the single forward button and see my next question (#2):

make flash cards

You can continue on going through your questions and answers until you have them all memorized. I am using this right now to study for my Microsoft 70-291 exam for my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification. This has proven to be an invaluable resource for me and my studying.

Taking a look at the settings, we can see that we can modify the look and feel of the application:


make flash cards

And under Options you can choose to either shuffle your questions or show them in order.

Do you have another Windows Mobile Application or website that provides free flash cards for the pocket PC? If so share it with us in the comments!

Portable Note Card Freeware (Flash Card) 2.1.

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